Responsive Web Design Will Help Your Business Grow

There’s a lot of talk about responsive web design, but exactly what is it and how will this benefit a small business? Anyone running a business spends their day managing one crisis after another and keeping about a dozen balls in the air all of the time. They aren’t interested in learning a new technology, but just want to know how responsive website design in Bucks County will help them in a practical way.

What is Responsive Web Design?

When a website is being designed, the web designer doesn’t know whether someone will be using their smartphone, a laptop, the desktop computer in their office or a tablet. What size screen will the customer be looking at when they click a link and reach the website? Is the screen 17″, 10″ or the 4″ screen on their phone? Responsive web design “responds” to information received about the screen size of the user and resizes itself so that the viewer is looking at usable information.

This is critically important. Research shows that people won’t spend much time hunting for the information that they were looking for on a website. Since most product research is done with smartphones, if the website shown on the phone’s screen isn’t easy to navigate, the prospective customer will go to another website.


What Does Responsive Web Design Look Like?

The easiest way to show this is to pull up the same website on both a desktop or laptop computer and a smartphone and look at both websites at the same time. If the website includes too many videos, the phone may take too long to load the page. A poorly designed website can cause the smartphone image to be distorted.

Responsive design will automatically adjust the content so that it will be easy for the user to read and navigate. It doesn’t simply shrink everything shown on the large screen so that it fits a small screen. Information will be presented in a simpler format that allows the smartphone user to efficiently find what they were looking for. Web designers need to remember that over half of those viewing the website will be using their fingers, not a mouse.

Responsive web design creates a better user experience for those who reach the website. Happy users equals more customers. Any business owner who doesn’t pay attention to the necessity of having a responsive website, will lose business as a result.